Re: Spectrum Frequency Axis display issue in R1732 - with low sample rate


On Sun, Mar 15, 2020 at 02:28 AM, Ian DXer wrote:
Can you comment &/or investigate this Youssef?  
No, this is not an issue. This is just a plain UX and taste question.
Here's the problem: The space reserved for the marked is finite, and the number of digits can only get bigger and bigger.
Someone will want another digit when zooming to the max. Then someone else will increase the decimation and a lower sample rate then asks for another couple of digits, and so on. At some point you will be rounding the displayed labels.
One of the reasons the IF plugin now displays the relative distance to the VFO and not the absolute frequency is exactly this problem.

PS: I see your unit is well calibrated!

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