Re: My Christmas Present to all my Airspy friends...


Thanks a lot Edward for this new tool.
I'm just back home, thus I haven't tried  it yet.

Kind regards,

Le mer. 25 déc. 2019 à 12:05, Edward MacDonald <edwardmacdonald74@...> a écrit :
Merry Christmas everyone. Since you all have new toys for Christmas I decided to release a a new plugin for you to go with your new Christmas toys!

It is an extended IF FFT Spectrum Analyzer.

you can download it here:

Some features include:

- Pause / Resume live analyzer (auto resume on size change or detector change, will live rebuffer and display as paused on frequency, bandwidth, offset change ...etc.)
- Built in screen shot capability with custom output directory.
- Frequency span markers that show lower and upper and center of measured frequency and bandwidth span. Totally movable, sizeable markers, movable markers, auto    scalling on / off, snapping to selectable step, change colors, highlights and backgrounds, etc 
- A single frequency marker similar to the span markers with same sedttings above
- Adjust the colors of all the controls on the analyzer
- A highly adjustable bandpass filter with adjustable windowing and filter order (very responsive)
- Abilityto tune radio from the plugin whith a adjustable slider bar (if the source is tunable)
- Control the spectrum type
- Control the attack and decay
- Show / hide crosshair markers, control the color of the indivual horizontal and vertical lines of the cross hairs)
- Show / hide span backcgrounds, marker backgrounds, etc.
- Show / hide active tool tips
- Right click context menu for full access to all options on the fly
- Buttons on the analyzer for the most frequently used features...

This plugin has many many many options...or, use it exactly like the Zoom FFT

I have been working on this for a few hours each night for the past year. I hope you all like it. Many thanks to Terry Gaff (and others) for their tolerance to nightly updatesand changes to the beta. Thank you to Youssif for pointing me to the interfaces and classes required to make it work.

Here is a sample...

The plugin is going to have a notch filter added, FSK auto tracking and a few more3 features, but for now its working and I hope you allenjoy it.

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