Re: Airpspy HF+ support for OpenWebrRX #raspberrypi

Alberto I2PHD

On 2019-12-22 7:43, jdow wrote:

Launch the GUI once you are root.

That would of course work, but only if it were possible to do...
The GUI is launched automatically by the login procedure of Debian... as soon as you login,
the desktop is displayed, and the GUI is activated.

However, this sequence will result in a changed host file, which may or may not 
give you the results you wish and expect. The learning curve is nasty. Working 
from a raw command prompt not within a GUI:

 > sudo su -l
Password: ggggg
# vi /etc/hosts
... make changes ...
# cat /etc/hosts
... see changes ....

That works. I've done it myself as needed

Oh yes. That will certainly work. I have done it myself many times. Nobody denies that you can
give root privileges to a terminal session (and to that session only...) and then edit, with a command
line editor, whatever file you want.

But it is not what I would hypothetically be able to do... my goal is to do whatever file management
operation I need to do, also to files owned by root, without ever using a terminal session, but just
using the GUI. This is possible only if you, at login time, are allowed to login as root....
Some distributions (more intelligent than others) like Linux Mint, allow you to do that, even publishing
the detailed instructions.
Others, like Ubuntu and Debian, are probably developed by the talebans of Linux, and absolutely
prohibit that.  Once upon a time, it was only nedeed to edit a config file of KDE, specifying :


But then the chief taleban ordered that that possibility had to be removed, and now, as far as I know,
logging in as root is impossible, unless you know some secret spells, which unfortunately I don't know.

And the usual answer you receive on the Linux forums is the question : "But why would you to do that ?".

The answer is quite simple : "Because the PC is MINE, and I want to be able to do on it WHATEVER thing
I want to do, without artificial restraints imposed by persons that think they know better than me"....... 

73 Alberto I2PHD
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