Re: Install rtsldr not working #sdrsharp #driver #software

David J Taylor

K I did that and it worked right out of the box.
I shut down then reopened the sdr sharp. Agn no device found.
Any guesses what I forgot to do?

I reinstalled again went to setting wheel top left and there was my device. Saved... Chose device in sdr device drop down rtl dongle USB.

Now it works every time tnx so much.

I have HF capable dongle do you know if I need to change anything besides USB LSB CW? All I hear is static. All microwave vhf uhf is great.

Tnx Mark

Good to hear that's working now, Mark!

I don't know whether SDR# supports the HF capabilities of the RTl-SDR dongle. I hope someone else can answer that.

David GM8ARV
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