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A modest twist would likely be best - a couple twists per inch or so. That greatly extends the working bandwidth of the transformer.

On 20191114 13:00:00, Kenneth Sejkora via Groups.Io wrote:
Hi Everett,
Please ignore my earlier followup question.  I looked back at your previous email and saw that you used a cascade/series configuration in your choke design.  Did you take any efforts to magnetically isolate the two toroids from each other, or does that even matter?
You also mentioned the use of a 1:1 isolation transformer using a bifilar winding through a BN73-202 binocular ferrite.  Would you recommend twisting the two wires together prior to winding, or is there any advantage/disadvantage to winding each turn separately?
Thanks for indulging my questions.
On Thursday, November 14, 2019, 09:52:21 AM EST, Ken Sejkora <quickhatch44@...> wrote:
Thanks Everett.  Fantastic information.  However, I'm having trouble envisioning the configuration using two toroids in each individual common mode choke.  Are the TDK N30 and FT240-31 toroids 'stacked' together, with the RG-316 looped through the 'stack' to tie them together?  Do you have a simplified drawing or photo of the configuration you use?
Thanks again.  Also, a belated Veterans Day thank you for your military service in the Air Force.
Ken, WBØOCV East Falmouth, MA USA
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