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Congrats on this new release Eddie. Very useful and conveniant features

Best regards,

Le jeu. 14 nov. 2019 à 12:00, Edward MacDonald <edwardmacdonald74@...> a écrit :
I believe this feature has already been provided in the plugin. 

Check the "Memory Bank" toolbar in the drop down list... 
There are 10 buttons you can store frequencies in. 
You right click when you are on the frequency you want and it is stored.
A new right click will over write the old stored values. 
Left click to tune to that frequency. 
Press the "Clear" (C) button to clear all memory slots.

Also, I have just released version  2.0 of the plugin over on my website. For a complete list of changes you can view the change log found in the downloads section where the plugin is located.

I added the "Spectrum Stepper" toolbar. This toolbar allows you to step the frequency up / down based on the selected step size. Alternatively you can select "Full Span" this will move the spectrum up or down exactly one screen at a time regardless of were the zoom is set to. 

There is also a check box "Match Snap Step" which; when checked will use the currently selected snap in the SDR# radio panel. This is handy because if you have the band plan "Auto update radio settings" enabled, the step size will change automatically and you can jump the spectrum analyzer that amount.

The direct frequency entry method is now very simple to use and should be self explanatory. No more on screen display required to use it.

I added the CTRL + X shortcut to temporarily toggle the shortcut keys so you can enter text into controls (such as the frequency manager) or use other plugins built in shortcut keys.

The resource meter toolbar has been added as well. 

I hope everyone enjoys the new changes. I am listening to what you all ask and comment, if possible I try to incorporate all of them into the toolbar.

Thanks everyone for your great comments and suggestions.

On Wed, 13 Nov 2019 at 11:27, Joe M. <mch@...> wrote:
Here is another idea for you - a few (maybe half a dozen or so) 'quick
access' memories for frequencies you want to quickly switch between
without opening up a panel or scrolling down a list. These could be
buttons somewhere labeled Q1, Q2, Etc. or maybe even list the
frequencies on them.

Joe M.

On 11/13/2019 5:25 AM, Edward MacDonald wrote:
> Hello Everyone,
> After many hours of code later,  I have done the following changes to
> the Accessibility Plugin...
> I settled on this method for shortcut frequency control - I have mapped
> the "K" key press to open a dialog box which allows you to easily tab
> between boxes where you can directly input the frequency for Hz, kHz,
> MHz and GHz. You can tab between the boxes. The boxes work exactly like
> numeric up / down boxes. You can type the numbers directly or use the
> arrow buttons, mouse wheel to scroll through the numbers:
> direct.jpg.
> I have also added this as a toolbar item called "Direct frequency control".
> frequencyentry.jpg
> I have chosen this method as the simplest, cleanest method to provide
> the ability to change the frequency via the shortcuts.  It will remain
> this way. Other methods were to clumsy and complex to implement properly.
> To cancel frequency entry, simply close the dialog box.
> *Other changes:*
> I forgot to provide a method to temporarily ignore keyboard key presses.
> This is a problem that arises when you are typing into another control
> in SDR#. For example the frequency manager. When  you type into it,the
> keyboard shortcuts still work.
> I have fixed this behavior now. when the user presses CTRL key and then
> the "X" key, shortcuts will be ignored until you press CTRL and "X" key
> again.
> This will be reflected in the spectrum analyzer as well. When the key
> presses will effect shortcuts, the analyzer will have green text which
> reads "Shortcuts Active". It will turn red and read "Shortcuts Inactive"
> when it is ignoring the key presses.
> actif.jpginactif.jpg
> ( I also moved the detector indicator more to the right so it no longer
> interferes with the value reading on the snr level meter.)
> Also added is the ability to toggle "Snap To Grid" off and on by
> pressing the "G" key.
> You can now also show / hide the shortcut key legend dialog by pressing
> the 'H" key.
> I have also finished the resource meter and added it to the toolbar as
> well...
> resourcemeter.jpg
> I have a few things left to do. As soon as I can finish and debug it I
> will upload it.
> please let me know if you have any comments...
> Thanks,
> Eddie
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