#sdrsharp 1732 HackRF One settings not saving/loading correctly #sdrsharp

goscickiw <goscickiw@...>

I have recently updated SDR# to version, and encountered a weird bug. If the Frequency correction is set to a fractional value when using HackRF One, it is multiplied by 10 on next start of SDR#. For example, if I set it to 8.5, it changes to 85. Also, the VGA gain doesn't seem to keep its setting between closing and restarting SDR#.

Steps to reproduce:
1. Have the program set up with HackRF One
2. Open the Device Controller dialog
3. Set the frequency correction offset to a fractional value (for example 8,5) and the VGA gain to something different than default
4. Close and restart SDR#
5. Open Device Controller dialog again and look at the settings

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