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Eric Oyen

Is that plugin compatible with screen readers like narrator, NVDA or jaws in windows? Anything that makes the use of SDRE easier for us blind radio enthusiasts to use makes life better for everyone else too (usually, there is an API used in Microsoft Windows called the MSAA). Could be something to look at.

DE n7zzt Eric
Blind Ham radio Operator and Blind bicyclist/athlete.

On Oct 22, 2019, at 10:18 PM, Edward MacDonald <edwardmacdonald74@...> wrote:

So, I have almost finished creating a new plugin which consolidate three separate plugins I have made into one plugin I call "Accessibility Control" because these three plugins all deal with accessibility of SDR#.

One plugin is also much easier to maintain than three separate ones. The plugin have been re-coded from scratch to make sure my code is as tightly coupled between different classes as possible and to reduce the file size.

I have created it so the On Screen Display, toolbar buttons, and keyboard shortcuts can all be enabled / disabled separately or work in unison with each other seamlessly.

In addition, The on screen display has adjustments for the text size, text brightness, and the dwell time (amount of time the on screen text is displayed before fading out).

The toolbar can be docked in the main SDR# toolbar window or floated in the undocked mode, this way if you have more than one instance of SDR# running you can drag the toolbars from each to wherever you want them ( or even to another monitor if you are using multi-monitor setups).

The toolbar button sets I have created so far are:

 - Detector Buttons
 - Band Switch Buttons
 - Memory Bank Buttons (10 memory slots where you can instantly store and recall presets)
 - Filter Bandwidth Setting Control
 - Squelch Setting Controls
 - FFT Setting Controls
 - AGC Setting Controls
 - Digital / Analog Mode Controls
 - Analog SNR Meter (< I may remove this before the plugin is released)

All of the shortcuts and toolbar button actions are shown with the on screen display control. Pressing shortcut keys or pressing the toolbar buttons has the same exact end result.


While I do not currently have a license for the Telerik theme controls, I have made the plugin so the controls look as good as possible with the new SDR# themes.
While not the same as Telerik's controls (they are just the regular windows common controls) at least they look like they can co-exist in the same space and my plugin windows respond to theme changes.

My question for those of you interested is this:

What other features / functions would you like added to each of the above mentioned items?

I would like to make this plugin as useful as possible for everyone.

There a few items that were in the old toolbar which will not be appearing in the newer version (the reason why was mentioned in other thread posts) 

So, if there is some cool feature or setting I can add, I would like to incorporate it before I remove the original separate plugins from my website and replace it with this one. 

ALSO - This particular plugin will only be compatible with the NEWER THEMED VERSIONS of SDR# (inclusive of the .NET 4.6 and .NET 4.8 framework versions).

Sorry, but I WILL NOT be supporting my plugins from the older versions of SDR#. 


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