Re: PSU Noise with #airspyhfplus #spyserver

h. garcia

I had something similar (noise spikes) when connecting the antenna directly to HF+.

It became much better when inserted a 1:1 balun with galvanic isolation (that is: distinct coil windings).

For my tests, I used NooElecs 1:9 balun, not ideal, but worked nevertheless.

Some ideas:

I haven't tested yet, my guess those very cheap CCTV baluns may be used for experiments.

Old network cards (those that used to have both BNC and RJ45 outputs around 1990-97) often have a boxy component near the RJ45 jack that looks like a relay. These are actually combined 1:1 isolation balunsĀ  (one each pair) enclosed in a single package. A friend reported they worked very well in LF to HF range.

On Tue, Oct 22, 2019, 16:23 andrea ottaviani via Groups.Io <> wrote:
If I connect HF Plus directly it receives good, if I connect from the server (Orange) I see all this noise and spurs.
I tried disconnecting everything.
Some time ago there have been strong lightning, about a month and this has happened since. What do you suggest?
can you try my server sdr: //
best 73 of IK0MMI

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