Re: Need advice: Which Airspy SDR is better for DX FM? #bestpractice #experiment

David Eckhardt

If all of the above terminate standard ATV and transition to the system the FCC forced onto the USA, all is not lost.  With our DTV signal, there is an unmodulated carrier nominally 310 kHz up from the bottom frequency allocation of each channel allocation.  This serves the same function as the video carrier in the older ATV system, but it is much stronger.  All is not lost.

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On Tue, Oct 22, 2019 at 10:06 PM Brieuc <brieuc182@...> wrote:
Yes, I have very regulary ATV signals from Algeria via tropo, and sometimes Morocco during good openings. I can receive everyday some low video carriers from Algeria, with an periodic antenna and with an Airspy!
Unfortunately, ATV will end before the end of this year (Seen on Al Aoula during an exceptionnal opening), and for Algeria, it's probably planned for the 06/17/2020 on TDA Algeria's website, but it isn't clear...
Brieuc, from Corsica (JN41JW)

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