Re: Need advice: Which Airspy SDR is better for DX FM? #bestpractice #experiment


Hi Leif,

That's interesting. I thought the Discovery was superior to the Dual Port in this respect.

Le mer. 23 oct. 2019 à 09:13, Leif Asbrink <leif@...> a écrit :
Hello Brieuc,

Have a look at this video:

Best is Airspy HF+ Dual Port. The HF+ Discovery comes
close but it has some reciprocal mixing problems
as you can see in the video. I do not think it
would matter much on the FM band because a very
strong station can not be so close that this matters
without destroying reception with its sub-carriers
and the subcarriers have a low amplitude so sideband
noise from them should be no problem.



> Hello everyone!
> I'm a FM DXer, and I have acquired an Airspy Mini 6 months ago. It was used with an omnidirectional circular FM antenna but recently, I've bought an Korner 9.2, who is actually installed. No doubt! this antenna is very efficient! However, I live in a place with an overloaded FM band: I have 17 stations with 8 - 11 kW at 17 km with very strong signals, and 4 others stations with 4 kW at 10 km, distributed from 88.0 MHz to 107.2 MHz. Their transmitters are visible from my home. I can't turn my antenna everywhere, because I want to receive tropospheric signals, and there are  mountains everywhere around me, excepted one direction: to the sea, the only possibility for practicing DX tropo. Unfortunately, my 2 local TXs are in the same direction, consequently it's impossible to segregate my local signals if my antenna is pointing to this direction :/... But I can not do otherwise. Brief, that's my problem!
> My Airspy remains powerful even in that case! However, i'm looking to have better results, and there is my question: In my case, in an overloaded FM area and with an Korner 9.2: An Airspy HF+ or an Airspy Discovery could give me better results on FM band than my Airspy mini? If yes, which one of these is better?
> I'm absolutely not an professional of these SDR, and read their descriptions is like reading Chinese for me...
> For information, my better results with my Airspy mini are with the "Linearity" mode or "Free" mode (with various IF, Mix and LNA levels). The gain is between 13 - 17 with 6 MSPS and Decimation 16 when the Körner is pointing to the best direction, with the linear mode.
> This topic is just to have some advises from this community, who seems to be very interested about Airspy's products!
> Sorry if I've make some mistakes in my text, i'm a student, my English isn't totally perfect.. :/ .
> Good evening everybody, and thanks for reading...
> Brieuc, from Corsica (JN41JW)

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