Re: Need advice: Which Airspy SDR is better for DX FM? #bestpractice #experiment

h. garcia

A quick suggestion: you may still have analog TV transmissions from countries nearby (Tunisia, Libya, Algeria) that you can use to check your setup and as indicator of tropo openings. Lookup for a list of TV channels frequencies and their respective the audio frequencies. 

On Mon, Oct 21, 2019, 20:40 Shirley Dulcey KE1L <mark@...> wrote:
The Airspy HF+ Discovery has the best performance; a strong combination of low nose and high dynamic range. If you want to LISTEN to stations it's your best choice.

The one shortcoming of the HF+ Discovery (and the earlier HF+) is limited bandwidth. Those receivers only receive a 660 KHz wide piece of spectrum at once. That's more than wide enough for listening to FM signals, but you don't the wider overview of the band that is available on the Airspy R2 or to a slightly lesser degree on your Mini. You could use the Mini for the panoramic view and then switch to the Discovery to listen to the signals.

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Hello everyone!
I'm a FM DXer, and I have acquired an Airspy Mini 6 months ago. It was used with an omnidirectional circular FM antenna but recently, I've bought an Korner 9.2, who is actually installed. No doubt! this antenna is very efficient! However, I live in a place with an overloaded FM band: I have 17 stations with 8 - 11 kW at 17 km with very strong signals, and 4 others stations with 4 kW at 10 km, distributed from 88.0 MHz to 107.2 MHz. Their transmitters are visible from my home. I can't turn my antenna everywhere, because I want to receive tropospheric signals, and there are  mountains everywhere around me, excepted one direction: to the sea, the only possibility for practicing DX tropo. Unfortunately, my 2 local TXs are in the same direction, consequently it's impossible to segregate my local signals if my antenna is pointing to this direction :/... But I can not do otherwise. Brief, that's my problem!
My Airspy remains powerful even in that case! However, i'm looking to have better results, and there is my question: In my case, in an overloaded FM area and with an Korner 9.2: An Airspy HF+ or an Airspy Discovery could give me better results on FM band than my Airspy mini? If yes, which one of these is better?
I'm absolutely not an professional of these SDR, and read their descriptions is like reading Chinese for me...
For information, my better results with my Airspy mini are with the "Linearity" mode or "Free" mode (with various IF, Mix and LNA levels). The gain is between 13 - 17 with 6 MSPS and Decimation 16 when the Körner is pointing to the best direction, with the linear mode.
This topic is just to have some advises from this community, who seems to be very interested about Airspy's products!
Sorry if I've make some mistakes in my text, i'm a student, my English isn't totally perfect.. :/ .
Good evening everybody, and thanks for reading...
Brieuc, from Corsica (JN41JW)

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