Getting started again after a year or more, need a little help

Ray, W4BYG

I have an HF+ purchased over a year ago.  Wasn't very successful using it then, the gain seemed low, so I set it aside.  I've recently downloaded and installed the new SDR# v1.0.01731.  I connected the HF+ to my desktop via USB and a multiband vertical.

Device Manager recognizes the HF+ and the the LED on the HF+ is on so it is connected to the computer and receiving power and capable of receiving signals.

In the menu setup, the source is defaulted to "Airspy".  The device serial number says "none".  (I don't recognize a SN on the box to insert manually).  Should the unit register it self or is it one of the long skew numbers on the side of the box?

The gain is set to a mid position.  Full gain doesn't help.  I don't remember or know how, to go any further.

Consequently, I'm getting no indication of any signals received on any frequency.

What am I missing?  Your help would be appreciated.
Ray, W4BYG



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