Re: Transmission lines, Input match and Connectors #bestpractice #experiment


On 10/18/2019 08:30 PM, jdow wrote:
My recent splurge was an 8664A synthesizer. A well calibrated 0dB to 40
dB would get me down easily as far as I need to go. (It would nominally
make -180 dBm.) But, they'd have to be good attenuators. In the mean
time I probably should get something from EBay that is "good" and
nominally calibrated. It would be good to have around here. I do have
some BNC coaxial attenuators I can use. I have to dig them out. It's an
archeological expedition time.

Hi, Joanne--
Surely you of all people know that BNC attenuators are not very good attenuators at any VHF or higher frequency. Fine for HF, unless you need
a lot of attenuation.

--doug, WA2SAY

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