Re: Transmission lines, Input match and Connectors #bestpractice #experiment


On 20191017 10:34:41, Dana Myers wrote:
On 10/17/2019 9:45 AM, Wes Stewart via Groups.Io wrote:
Of course it's moderated.  It says so every time I post.
I read/post via email, rarely look at the web interface and just learned
that posts are moderated. I've never noticed that; I learned something
today, thanks.
I had that picked up based on some of the delays between hitting send and seeing the post come back from the group. {^_-} I don't mind at all. It keeps it saner in here.

Whatever, they could just identify themselves.
Sure, they could, but how would that change the discussion? Physics
doesn't care who we are :-)
But the dose might be different for differen... OH THAT kind of physics not what my grandmother took when she was, well, you know - too much cheese perhaps?

Youssef has described his goals in the design of the HF+ Discovery,
it's not intended as a well-defined 50-ohm match. If someone needs
that, something like a narrow-band matching network or the trusty
stand-by, a resistor pad, is called for.
That is specifically why I mentioned my experience with that DowKey preamp.

Joanne has "helped out" as she often does :-).
I discovered there is a bit of a teacher in me that has to be let out form time to time.


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