Airspy driver for Raspberry Pi4

Al Holt

Hello from a new member to the group, owner of an Airspy HF+ Discovery, and slightly experienced Linux user.

I like using GQRX SDR radio software on Linux, but after installing in from the repository I did not get the option to use an Airspy radio.

Is there a preferred method of installing Airspy drivers on a Raspberry Pi4? I've been able to get the Pi4 running GQRX with the HF+ by following this method by G4WNC, Mike Richards: 
  1. Open a terminal session and enter: cd /home/pi
  2. Enter: wget
  3. Now unzip the archive by entering: unzip
  4. Change to the new directory: cd airspyhf-master
  5. Make a new directory for the build: mkdir build
  6. Change to the new directory: cd build
  7. Make the driver with: cmake ../ -DINSTALL_UDEV_RULES=ON
  8. Complete the make with: make
  9. Move the installed files to the correct destination: sudo make install
  10. Rebuild the search path so the driver can be found: sudo ldconfig

What I've seen on the Airspy website seems to relate more to SpyServer operations.

Also, this webpage is very helpful installing other ham radio related programs:



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