Re: Transmission lines, Input match and Connectors #bestpractice #experiment

Dana Myers

On 10/17/2019 9:45 AM, Wes Stewart via Groups.Io wrote:
Of course it's moderated.  It says so every time I post.
I read/post via email, rarely look at the web interface and just learned
that posts are moderated. I've never noticed that; I learned something
today, thanks.

Whatever, they could just identify themselves.
Sure, they could, but how would that change the discussion? Physics
doesn't care who we are :-)

Youssef has described his goals in the design of the HF+ Discovery,
it's not intended as a well-defined 50-ohm match. If someone needs
that, something like a narrow-band matching network or the trusty
stand-by, a resistor pad, is called for.

Joanne has "helped out" as she often does :-).

In all the discussion, I think I missed what your goal is - is there
something specific or general investigation?

Dana  K6JQ

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