Re: Advice needed for recording large files with SDR#


Hi Folks,

Thanks for the replies and tips, unfortunately, I'm not very comfortable with file types, containers, unsigned wav files and this kind of stuff !
All I know is that the format of the basic "recording" plugin perfectly works with the analysing software I'm refering to (the downside is only its limitation to 2 Go, i.e about 12 minutes per recording @ 765 ksps)

Just one thing I noticed : the file name it generates by default is of the type SDRsharp_20191005_101530Z_410000Hz_IQ 
This is important because when using the "WAV FULL" recording options of the "Baseband recorder", the default file name is of the type : 10-15-30_410000Hz ; and this wording is not valid for the software.
I simply have to rename the files and the problem is solved.

Of course, I immediatly tried to do the same with a RF64 recorded file, but no luck, the trick does not work. I'm getting a "Can't open I:\REC ... exception : not a WAV file - no RIFF header

The software developer is aware of this issue but he hasn't figured out how to solve it or get around it yet.
In the meantime, I will go on with WAV FULL option (allows 23 minutes per file) and modify the file name accordingly.


Le dim. 6 oct. 2019 à 02:45, jdow <jdow@...> a écrit :
On 20191005 14:05:52, Martin Smith via Groups.Io wrote:
> On Sat, Oct  5, 2019 at 01:20 PM, Patrick wrote:
>> BUT an analysing tool I need to work on my recordings does not support this
>> format
> Maybe go about your problem from the other direction, what file formats does that analysing  tool support ? That can handle sample rates as high as 768000 Hz and filesizes greater than 4GiB.
> Then you could use a conversion tool to change the container from a 2007 RF64 wav file (maximum sampleRate 2^32 samples per second (~4.3 GSPS); maximum filesize 16 Exbibytes) to any file format that the tool supports.
> Because 1991 standard wav files have a size limit of (2^31)-1 bytes (~2 GiB), (where 1 bit was reserved for sign, which logically makes no sense)

Traditional (32 bit) seek command uses plus and minus values. So for a single
seek to work from end to end the signed limit holds.

> And the unsigned wav files have a maximum filesize of (2^32)-1 bytes (~4 GiB)
> And the 2007 RF64 wav have a maximum filesize of (2^64)-1 bytes (~16 EiB)

There should be no unsigned wav files.


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