Advice needed for recording large files with SDR#


Hi there,

I'm using the 'Baseband recorder' plugin and need 768 ksps (NDB / Medium Waves band DX'ing). 16 bits PCM IQ.

Is it possible to make an overnight recording, either in a single large file or several smaller ones (say 8h on one file or 8 files of 1h each, chaining automatically) ?

- Selecting "WAV SDR# Compatible" option, max file length is 2 Go = 11'40" max duration for one file. Way too short
- Running the "WAV FULL" option, upper limit is 4 Go ; that's slightly more than 23 minutes. Not enough yet !
BTW : what is the main difference between these 2 options, except the file size limit (if there's one) ?

- Finally, the WAV RF64 provides (almost !) unlimited recording length BUT an analysing tool I need to work on my recordings does not support this format ... Bad luck.

Once, I made a recording using SDR Console. All was fine BUT I realized it was impossible to read the files with SDR# (totally distorted audio, saturated waterfall, in a word the file was unusable).

I, of course, gave the basic 'recording' plugin a try and found that 11'40" was the longest file one could record

As you can understand, I'm going in circles ! To summarize my request: is it possible, with SDR#, to make long recordings without using the RF64 format ?
Thanks for your help.

Best regards,

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