Re: New SDR# release r1717 with Telerik UI #announcements #software

Ian DXer

Just upgraded from R1716 to R1722 & trailing the community Installer package for the first time.

Thanks very much for the recent GUI works 'Prog' - very nice. I like the 'Crystal Dark' Theme as it's a nice balanced
low contrast & easy on eyes theme that can be used during both daylight or darkness hours.

One very minor GUI related bug (hesitant even calling it that really), okay I'll settle on 'odd behaviour' GUI that I notice with the Windows 7, 8, Visual Studio
2012 Dark (maybe more) themes relates to the right-hand side screen slider controls: Zoom, Contrast, Range, Offset.
If one moves the slider up from the base the vertical alignment is lost of the control; it moves left.
I use (still) Win 7 64. 
Would also love to see the labels for these controls located a little closer to it's slider it's associated with rather than equal mid way (if looks okay?)

The following observation is for the Plug-In developer of the 'Audio Processor'.
Can the default setting for Bandpass Filter be unchecked in future please?
Took me several minutes trying to determine what was effecting the fidelity of the broadcast FM station I initially trailed with the new community package.

Look forward to plug-in developers altering their addons to fit the new SDR# GUI/skins as their valuable time permits.
I greatly appreciate your development work - thank you.

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