Re: Airspy via LTE

Roberto Zinelli

Hamachi build a mesh network... there’s only a package.... I installed Ubuntu server on orange pi and all package for run airspy-hf.  Once all work and tested on lan,  I installed hamachi  armhf deb   Package

P.s. if you do not have vpn esperienze tray and experiment hamachi on s couple win pc

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Il giorno 17 set 2019, alle ore 20:10, Angel M0HDF <aandresfer@...> ha scritto:

On Tue, Sep 17, 2019 at 01:54 PM, Roberto Zinelli wrote:
Angel,   (Hamachi or lognein VPN are free for 5 user). And vpn server run also on Arm architecture
Thanks Roberto. 
Did you install the Hamachi vpn server or the client on the raspberri pi side?

73 Angel

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