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I run two KiwiSDR radios in addition to the SpyServer. All are online. I must say I am disappointed in the SpyServer’s lack of logging or even control. With the KiwiSDR I can sign on the admin page and see who is using it and for how long. I can even kick someone off if I wish.  With SpyServer there is nothing. Last week I was overseas for work and signed into my server. I wa surprised that I could only tune a very narrow set of frequencies. Then I remembered that when someone else is using it you can only move around a bit. As the owner I would like to be able to preempt other users and tune where I like. Spoiled by the KiwiSDR I guess.
Steve KD2OM

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Thank you for that clarification.

Indeed there might or might not be information there, according to the wishes of the server operator. The right to disclose that information lies with the operator, as opposed to the user's right to have it.

There is one aspect not yet touched upon that would be of interest to actual or would be server operators, particularly regarding servers that are actually of some use (located in a relevant location, free of interference etc) as opposed the other half that serve no useful purpose whatsoever, having inadequate antennas or located in far from quiet locations. Security. Placing valuable equipement in a remote location and advertising the fact poses obvious risks. Many years ago I was involved in operating an FM repeater in the UK. The site location was widely published. One day it went off the air. The equipment had been stolen never to be found. This is why Kiwi SDR servers randomise the GPS location of the site.


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By “should” I meant that since licensed radio amateurs are listed there someone MIGHT find the information there, nothing more. Of course if a radio amateur prefers to not have their information listed there that is up to them. It was simply a suggestion to answer the question that João asked.
Personally I have my address listed there and welcome anyone who wishes to contact me about any radio or system installation or operation.
Steve KD2OM

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"Should"?  Why should they?

And why specifically via

I would contend that anyone choosing, of their own volition, to run a public server (be they a licensed ham or otherwise) as a contractless, free service to users, is free to choose whether they identify themselves to a degree that makes them contactable and has no requirement to meet any supposed service level.

If the server was a paid for service then the means by which a server operator could be contacted would be laid out in the contract, and if a user objected to the contract terms they would be free to look elsewhere.

The other related topic on identifying users by IP address opens a can of worms in relation to data protection. If the software makes no decision based on IP address then it would be difficult for a server operator to defend the obtaining of user's IP addresses (or other information) merely on a need to know argument. Just idle curiosity ("I would just like to know who is on and when"etc.) would be no defence.


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The SpyServers that are run by hams should be able to be contacted using to find an email address.

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