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João Fonseca

Thanks for all of your input.
Indeed I have found some users that don't specify which antenna is being used and that information is interesting to know (at least for me) to compare reception all around the globe... for instance when two locations are close from each other and the emission station is very far away with two different antennas. Of course there are some other variables like antenna height, distance from interference sources, etc. but overall it's still a valuable comparison to make in my opinion.

On Tue, Sep 17, 2019 at 4:00 PM Gary <gghiggs@...> wrote:

The users IP address is already shown when they connect……I’m more interested as to what they are listening to….idle curiosity on my part….since I run my spyserver over night.


Gary, W5GGH



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"Should"?  Why should they?

And why specifically via

I would contend that anyone choosing, of their own volition, to run a public server (be they a licensed ham or otherwise) as a contractless, free service to users, is free to choose whether they identify themselves to a degree that makes them contactable and has no requirement to meet any supposed service level.


If the server was a paid for service then the means by which a server operator could be contacted would be laid out in the contract, and if a user objected to the contract terms they would be free to look elsewhere.


The other related topic on identifying users by IP address opens a can of worms in relation to data protection. If the software makes no decision based on IP address then it would be difficult for a server operator to defend the obtaining of user's IP addresses (or other information) merely on a need to know argument. Just idle curiosity ("I would just like to know who is on and when"etc.) would be no defence.




On 17/09/2019 14:36, KD2OM wrote:

The SpyServers that are run by hams should be able to be contacted using to find an email address.
Steve KD2OM


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