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By “should” I meant that since licensed radio amateurs are listed there someone MIGHT find the information there, nothing more. Of course if a radio amateur prefers to not have their information listed there that is up to them. It was simply a suggestion to answer the question that João asked.
Personally I have my address listed there and welcome anyone who wishes to contact me about any radio or system installation or operation.
Steve KD2OM

On Sep 17, 2019, at 09:54, Dave GW4GTE <dave@...> wrote:

"Should"?  Why should they?

And why specifically via

I would contend that anyone choosing, of their own volition, to run a public server (be they a licensed ham or otherwise) as a contractless, free service to users, is free to choose whether they identify themselves to a degree that makes them contactable and has no requirement to meet any supposed service level.

If the server was a paid for service then the means by which a server operator could be contacted would be laid out in the contract, and if a user objected to the contract terms they would be free to look elsewhere.

The other related topic on identifying users by IP address opens a can of worms in relation to data protection. If the software makes no decision based on IP address then it would be difficult for a server operator to defend the obtaining of user's IP addresses (or other information) merely on a need to know argument. Just idle curiosity ("I would just like to know who is on and when"etc.) would be no defence.


On 17/09/2019 14:36, KD2OM wrote:
The SpyServers that are run by hams should be able to be contacted using to find an email address.

Steve KD2OM

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