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Roberto Zinelli

I use in my spyverter on orange pi ( same as raspberry) hamachi VPN ... work fine with 4G connections
73 Iw4ens Roberto

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Il giorno 16 set 2019, alle ore 20:10, Dave GW4GTE <> ha scritto:

Running a server on 4G/LTE can be a problem.

Almost all mobile providers run CGNAT (Carrier Grade NAT).

They run their own IP addressing scheme inside their network, and map IP addresses to 'real internet' IP addresses as required - WHEN CONNECTING FROM 4G TO THE OUTSIDE WORLD. BUT, you can't route to your server's 4G address on the mobile provider's network from the global internet.

Knowing the IP addresses involved (which is easy to do) isn't enough. There would need to be the equivalent of port forwarding set up at the 4G boundary, which you can't get at.

The way round it is to use a proxy server - the actual server looks like it's at an IP address that you can connect to.

Some SDR solutions can work this way. Kiwi SDR offers a free to use proxy service that gets round this. It works. I use it myself.

Another solution I use with my remote Perseus servers is to use the VPN included with TeamViewer - which is free to none commercial users. The advantage of this is that as well as making the server accessible, you can remotely control the host machine. This works. I use it myself at two remote sites.

I can't see why Spyserver can't be made to work as well but I've never tried it.


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