Re: Airspy HF (+ and Discovery)


On Fri, Aug 30, 2019 at 12:27 PM, Philippe Nicolas wrote:
Could you please tell me how frequencies per second both AirspyHF are able to scan ?
It seems there are large differences on this matter between SDR.
It depends on how you scan, the spacing of the "frequencies", their bandwidths and the used sample rate in the device.
A "dumb scan" that naively retunes the SDR for every step will be extremely slow.
A "smarter scan" would jump by the alias-free bandwidth of the SDR, collect some data for the FFT then scan all the frequencies within the visible spectrum at once. The length of the FFT can be made sufficiently long for a reliable detection of the very narrow band signals, which will increase the data collection between the FFTs.

Sorry if you were expecting a simple yes/no/number answer. Unless you give the exact engineering parameters, no one knows for good.

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