Re: New Noise Reduction Algorithm for SDR#

Duke McKay

Could you not just unzip/extract the new SDR# vers into the original directory?
That's what I did thus it kept all my saves and settings but am up to the latest vers.

On Mon, Aug 26, 2019 at 4:11 PM kb3cs <kb3cs@...> wrote:
if the installation is put in C:\Users\<username>\airspy then no UAC is needed.

my update procedure:
1.  move airspy airspy-<releasenumber>
2.  mkdir airspy
3.  extract zip contents into airspy
4.  xcopy airspy-<releasenumber>\BandPlan.xml airspy
5.  xcopy airspy-<releasenumber>\SDRSharp.exe.Config airspy
6.  ???
7.  profit!!   (-:

  - 1001001 (base 2) -

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