Re: Installer (was: New Noise Reduction Algorithm for SDR#)


Do we really need an installer?

Just unzipping the files has always worked fine here.

A need to retain settings is easily achieved by either copying across the old config file or updating the new one.

Something about if it ain't broke don't fix it comes to mind:-)

Nigel, GM8PZR

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From: Mitch

I will make an installer of the latest and link you to it for your testing.

I do hope the Zip file remains, as I hate it when an installer does
who-knows-what behind your back!

I do provide an installer for some of my own programs, but it's much easier
to release a Zip of the items which have changed rather than having to make
a fresh "official release" each time.

I recommend the free Inno Setup as the most friendly and best supported

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