Re: New Noise Reduction Algorithm for SDR#

David J Taylor

From: Bryon NF6M

I have an Inno Setup script that I've used. It's a fine open-source installation package tool.

I stopped updating and using it though.

It was difficult to setup "standard" locations of folders per Windows guidelines, with executables under "program files" and config files under "AppData," since SDR# and the other utilities expect the configuration files in the same location as executables.

For the programs to be able to update their config files under "program files," they would need to run elevated as Admin. That isn't good security practice, and it generates UAC prompts for most users at launch.

Yes, all the documentation and user's expectations in now that you can edit the .XML configuration files in the same directory as the program's .EXE file. I find it makes for unnecessary complications (and can increase support effort) when files are scattered all over the place (e.g. in the \users\name\..\..\..\ tree).

The installer can become a simple .ZIP extractor, and a waste of time and effort, although some users will appreciate double clicking on a Setup.exe.

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