Re: New Noise Reduction Algorithm for SDR#

Ian DXer

Brief description: 'Boost SNR' fails to function when FFT size slider control in IF Noise Reduction changed

SET UP: Freq 95.1MHz weak signal
SDR# rel 1710
HF+ DP Firmware: R3.0.6-BB
Win 7 64

Open fresh new SDR#1710 program: 
 Open Zoom FFT* menu
Enable IF, Enable MPX, Enable Audio - all ticked

Open IF Noise Reduction* menu.
Profile: Custom
Enabled: tick
Boost SNR: tick . This results in a) improved SNR (intelligibility of speech) & IF display in Zoom FFT shows 40dB FS IF gain lift.

However if I then move the FFT Size slider control in IF Noise Reduction menu the Boost SNR tick remains, but the improved SNR appears to be lost & the IF spectrum gain of 40dB is lost.

First time I've tinkered with the SNR Boost in custom settings. Is the above an expected result?

I have to close program & open again to restore functionality of Boost SNR feature.


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