Re: SDR# Input lag #sdrsharp #RTL


haha no way I remember that day well :) That is really strange this has happened as yesterday I also came back to SDR, Yeah I'm still around but have not been for about 4 years due to some big life events, Did have Airspy but had to sell on due to some life problems but I plan to get another in the near future :) Glad you remember me and also glad to see how far SDR# and Airspy have come! really really cool m8 congratulations I know how hard you have worked for this :) I hope life is treating you well.


I've reduced the process priority to 32 (normal) and also combined it with AntiAliasedDisplay False but sadly still having issues and I'm also on 1711 now.

Driving me insane it is but as always appreciate your help :)

Actually I think the Freezing is less to be honest but still not right.


Thanks again :)

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