Re: SDR# Input lag #sdrsharp #RTL


On Mon, Aug 26, 2019 at 03:35 PM, Stuart Sinderbury wrote:

Thanks again, I changed true to false and gave it a shot, Sadly no difference.

More on the issue: (no front ends running)

1, When expanding and collapsing plugins on the left pane there will be miss clicks. e.g click to collapse nothing happens click again and it collapses but sometimes can take 3 clicks to work and vica versa.

2, Moving the mouse cursor around with SDR# open (no with or without a Front end active) randomly results in a 1 sec mouse freeze then it unfreezes inside SDR# and throughout the whole OS environment like now compiling this reply.

3, Manually changing frequency clicking the numbers will some times keep on changing the frequency until the mouse is moved off the number.

3, Clicking around in the spectrum will have similar effects as trying to expand and collapse plugins, The click will not happen.


Only does this with SDR# version 1.5 and above and I've even tried a fresh OS install on a spare SSD to see if my main environment was bugged somehow.

Thanks for helping me.


Annunaki/Zenocide from IRC years ago.

Hey! I just thought where you were hiding. I used your IQ file "Annunaki_20140426_120532Z_446031kHz_IQ.wav" for testing the Noise Reduction just yesterday. Glad to see you around.

Try this next: <add key="processPriority" value="32" />

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