Re: Airspy R2 - Unusal travelling signal

Dana Myers

On 7/23/2019 2:43 PM, skyking_comms via Groups.Io wrote:
Thanks for the replies. It won't be a monitor as I have the R2 hooked up to an Intel NUC which I remote access. 

Interesting thought on the solar panel. Neighbours over the way have panels on their roof.

I'm not sure if the SSE filter is the cause although can check by temporarily removing it. I have to use the filter otherwise I find too much interference on the UHF airband without it.

I also use ferrite rings on all my leads. Is there anything else I could try to eliminate the noise?

If it's an interfering in-band signal, your antenna is picking it up and there's not
much you can do. I found a similar such signal - very low level, but always
present when my TV is on. Signal is near 144.4MHz, so I used a portable
radio with a small antenna to locate it - strongest at the lower-right of
my TV. Surprise!

Dana K6JQ

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