Re: Help with Airspy R0 and Elad S2


On Sun, Jul 21, 2019 at 10:54 PM, hinghamdx wrote:
In the past I have successfully used both the original Airspy (R0) and the Elad S2 during Eskip problem with recording, playback, etc. Smooth as silk. Today for the first time this year (poor eskip season here in the Northeast U.S.) and I'm having issues. Had the Elad running and then turned on the Airspy and everything sounded like crap (like everything was under water)and I hadn't even started recording yet. Can use either alone but not together....same computer as always. Using SDR# 1703.

Hingham MA
This looks like a USB bandwidth in the computer.
Are the chipset drivers up to date?
Did you try different ports?

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