Re: SDR# r1703 and HF+ Firmware r3.0.0

Ian DXer

>They say never deploy on a Friday,..
> Check the latest version of SDR#

Youssef is the latest SDR# R1703 meant to be backwards compatible with earlier HF+ DP firmware releases?
I'm still using R1.7.2 firmware (was going to upgrade the firmware today, until I encountered a problem with latest SDR#).
My HF+ DP works fine with SDR# R1702 & all previous downloaded SDR# versions
SDR# R1703 also works fine with my RTL-SDR,...... but the software wont display signals/waterfall, no audio with the HF+ DP.
The software sees the device & existing FW
Blue LED is on the device etc.
Using Windows 7 64bit.
I could try the latest FW, but will wait for your feedback first before exploring further.
(NB posted here rather than your email as not directly related to new firmware)


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