Re: SDR# r1703 and HF+ Firmware r3.0.0

Dana Myers

On 7/19/2019 9:19 AM, prog wrote:
Hello dear SDR folks,

They say never deploy on a Friday, but this thing is too good to keep in the drawer.
Check the latest version of SDR# that supports Zero-IF and Low-IF modes (and their sub-divisions).
The firmware for HF+ Dual Port and Discovery is now promoted to Stable.
I have been working with Simon for the support on SDR-Console as well, and it works fantastically.

The downloads can be found, as usual, at:

The Airspy Team
Outstanding! If I understand correctly, the HF+ is doing I/Q correction,
at least for the low-IF modes.

Is it correct to leave 'Correct I/Q' un-checked in SDR# for all sample rates?

Thank you - this release is working well here!

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