Re: New updates for SDR#, libairspyhf and Airspy HF+ (Discovery) Firmware #announcements

Dana Myers

On 7/12/2019 4:43 AM, prog wrote:
Any testers for this release candidate?
I seem to be seeing a regression with this firmware release.
Using SDR# 1702, I note that received audio for NFM at 146MHz
band is severely distorted in Low-IF mode.

With key="airspyhf.preferredSampleRate" value="768000",
Bandwidth=48KHz, NFM, IF BW=20KHz, center tuned, sounds good:

With key="airspyhf.preferredSampleRate" value="256000",
Bandwidth=32KHz, NFM, IF BW=20KHz, center tuned, severe distortion:

In both cases, "Filter Audio" is unchecked, aka discriminator audio.

RF signal is local (strong) repeater output, I'm bringing it up with a
low-power HT.

I believe this is a regression vs 20190710; will fall back to that fw


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