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Yes, having looked at the website again, the coupon box is on the Cart page.  However, after adding an item to the cart, you are immediately presented with the options of "View Cart" or "Checkout": choosing the former takes you to the Cart page, where you see the coupon box, but choosing the latter takes you to the personal details, shipping, payment etc sections, at the end of which you are presented with a bill for the non-discounted amount, and NO coupon box.  That is what caught people out, myself included (initially).  After all, if you have only added one item to the cart, why should you need to view it before you pay for it?  You know exactly what's in there and just need to checkout, so you select "Checkout".

I apologise for not being psychic and unable to realise what was on a page I didn't see any reason to look at.  Perhaps I'm too used to websites which apply discounts at the final payment stage, rather than the initial selection stage?


On Saturday, 25 May 2019, 16:56:50 GMT+1, Airspy US via Groups.Io <airspy_us@...> wrote:

In the cart, you have your cart items, then new products, then the
coupon code, then the shipping quote.

"Edit basket" likely took you to the cart page. No lottery.
You click the CART button to view the cart. That always works.

We posted an image of the cart with the coupon entry field. Not sure
what more
we can do to prove it's there. It shows the same on an iPhone and a
Samsung Galaxy.

We also checked our website on both devices and the coupon entry field
is there. (also in the cart)
The coupon code on our mobile site is right below your cart items.

If anyone doubts this, try it. Add an item to your cart then view the cart.

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On 5/25/2019 9:07 AM, D R via Groups.Io wrote:
> I tried to order one from my desktop PC shortly after the offer went
> live, and it didn't appear for me either, Terry.  I followed the
> checkout process all the way to Paypal before backing out.  When I got
> back to the ITEAD checkout page I spotted a button labelled "Edit
> Basket", so I clicked on that and it took me to a completely different
> checkout page - which had the coupon box prominently displayed.  I
> entered the coupon code and the final price changed accordingly, but
> then I had to re-enter all my details as a guest because it had lost
> them.  I got there in the end, but it looks like there is more than
> one route to the checkout on ITEAD's website, and it's a bit of a
> lottery as to whether you get on the one which goes past the coupon
> box!  I also had trouble with ITEAD's website when trying to order my
> first HF+ from them in 2017, and ended up buying one from Moonraker in
> the UK (but still got the discount on it).
> Regards,
> Dave
> On Saturday, 25 May 2019, 12:14:41 GMT+1, Terry Gaff
> <techie@...> wrote:
> Just to add to this.. I'm also using a Samsung phone. I'm ready to be
> proved wrong but I'm very sure that the coupon field wasn't there.
> Terry
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