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Quite!  But no-one's forcing you to read it! :)

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Is there any chance of finally closing this thread?

The announcement was pretty clear that there would only be 100 units from either site. So a maximum of 200 units were to be made available to the entire world.

At the coupon price, it was obvious that demand would be very high indeed. And it was, selling out very quickly.

Therefore the first few were going to be lucky and the rest, not.

I don’t think we need to know who got one and who didn’t, regardless of the reason.




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I tried to order one from my desktop PC shortly after the offer went live, and it didn't appear for me either, Terry.  I followed the checkout process all the way to Paypal before backing out.  When I got back to the ITEAD checkout page I spotted a button labelled "Edit Basket", so I clicked on that and it took me to a completely different checkout page - which had the coupon box prominently displayed.  I entered the coupon code and the final price changed accordingly, but then I had to re-enter all my details as a guest because it had lost them.  I got there in the end, but it looks like there is more than one route to the checkout on ITEAD's website, and it's a bit of a lottery as to whether you get on the one which goes past the coupon box!  I also had trouble with ITEAD's website when trying to order my first HF+ from them in 2017, and ended up buying one from Moonraker in the UK (but still got the discount on it).






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Just to add to this.. I'm also using a Samsung phone. I'm ready to be proved wrong but I'm very sure that the coupon field wasn't there.

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