SDR# paUnanticapatedHostError #sdrsharp #RTL


As the subject says, I was started receiving the following error message seemingly out of nowhere. "Error: paUnanticipatedHostError". 

I was able to to install SDR# along with my RTLSDR dongle earlier today without issue and was picking up radio and even some satellite imagery without issue.

I have the correct source selected (RTL-SDR (USB)) and followed all installation steps, including running the "install-rtlsdr" batch file first. I'm at quite the loss.

I tried deleting my SDR# folder that holds all the program files and reinstalling but the issue remains.

I correctly setup my hardware through Zadig (my only option was "RTL2838UHIDIR" as I did not have the option for ""Bulk-In, Interface (Interface 0)".  I read in the quickstart guide that that was an acceptable option.

 My dongle is connected via a powered USB hub. I also tried connecting it directly to a free USB 3.0 port on my computer, made sure to reinstall the driver via Zadig, but no joy. 

Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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