Re: Starting Airspy HF+ from square one


Bob - check in Device Manager: right at the bottom of the list, under USB Devices, it should be there, described simply as "WinUsb Device".  If it isn't, download the Win_USB_compatability driver from the Airspy website and install it (you might have to do this manually to make sure Windows finds it!).  Once it's installed with that driver, all software will recognise the HF+ correctly as an SDR.  (Without the driver, software can see the HF+ but doesn't know what it is, and therefore can't use it.)


On Sunday, 31 March 2019, 00:21:57 GMT, Bob Coomler via Groups.Io <w7swl@...> wrote:

I feel extremely sheepish in asking this, but how to I get the HF+ online and cooking?  Under "devices and printers"  my computer recognizes that it is there.  I've downloaded  the Windows SDR Software Package from the Airspy website, but can not get anything to open to run the HF+.  If it matters, I'm running Windows 7 (yes, I know I need to move up to W10) on a 64 bit computer with plenty of memory.  Please do not feel a socks-first-then-shoes answer would be insulting.  Believe me, it won't and that is exactly what I need.  Please help a Luddite find the missing puzzle piece.  Thank you!


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