Re: New to list and need some help

Roberto Zinelli

Yes Paul, you have to make a batch file like this:  spystart.bat

start spyserver spyconf.hf
start spyserver spyconf.r2

Then personalize each spyconf  with the appropriate receiver info and also put the tcpip port different, for example 5555 for airspyhf and 5556 for airspyR2

once spyserver is started you can reach the desired device specify the relative port on the tcpip address in sdr#  

73 IW4ENS Roberto

On Thu, Mar 21, 2019 at 3:10 PM Paul Cianciolo <paulc@...> wrote:
Hi Robert,

Thank you for that tip. I will give it a try. I believe I can change the port assignment in the config file.
I also need to tell the config file the device type correct?

Thank you again


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On Thu, 3/21/19, Roberto Zinelli <roberto.zinelli@...> wrote:

 Subject: Re: [airspy] New to list and need some help
 Date: Thursday, March 21, 2019, 4:23 AM

 Hello Paul, I have two spyserver
 instance running on orangepi, one for rtl-sdr and
 airspy-Hf.  I start the instance with the appropriate
 config file.... the only important is assignee a different
 tcpip port, for example 5555 for airspy-Hf and 5556 for
 73 Roberto

 Inviato da OldPhone

 Il giorno 20 mar 2019, alle ore 20:57, Paul Cianciolo <paulc@...>
 ha scritto:
 > Hello
 > I have in my
 collection an AirspyHF+  and a spyverter and most recently
 the Airspy R2
 > I am currently running
 "Spyserver" on a windows 7 laptop to allow me
 remote access to the HF+
 > Can I run 2 spyservers one dedicate to the
 HF+ and one for the Airspy R2?
 > Any help would certainly be appreciated
 > Thank you
 > PaulC
 > W1VLF
 > "When youth departs..May wisdom be

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