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Roberto Zinelli

Hello Paul, I have two spyserver instance running on orangepi, one for rtl-sdr and airspy-Hf. I start the instance with the appropriate config file.... the only important is assignee a different tcpip port, for example 5555 for airspy-Hf and 5556 for R2
73 Roberto

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Il giorno 20 mar 2019, alle ore 20:57, Paul Cianciolo <> ha scritto:

Hello All,

I have in my collection an AirspyHF+ and a spyverter and most recently the Airspy R2
I am currently running "Spyserver" on a windows 7 laptop to allow me remote access to the HF+

Can I run 2 spyservers one dedicate to the HF+ and one for the Airspy R2?

Any help would certainly be appreciated

Thank you


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