Re: Beginner Questions: spyserver config

Martin Smith

On Wed, Feb 20, 2019 at 05:30 PM, Ken Alexander wrote:

which is connected to my Pi with an ethernet cable.
So is the connection that you have ?
Raspberry pi<---- ethernet cable ----> Windows PC
Or is it
Raspberry pi<---- ethernet cable ---->broadband router<--- ethernet cable ---> Windows PC

The first setup would be unusual and mean that neither device would by default be assigned an IP address. A private static IP address would manually need to be configured on each machine and a static route manually added to each machines routing tables ("netstat -rn" to view the current routing tables) to enable packets to transfer across the cable. It would not be a typical configuration. (search for "how to add static route in linux permanently" and "how to add static route in windows permanently", if that is the option that you want to use and you really should learn a bit more about networking to understand why and what you are actually doing.). Another less slightly complex way would be to manually configure a DHCP server on the Raspberry pi and have it automatically configure the windows machine when connected, but a private network range different than any used on the PC would need to be used, and windows may get confused if not done exactly. Search for "how to connect to a raspberry pi directly with an Ethernet cable" and be prepared to screw up a few times, Either way would not be trivial to configure for a beginner.

The second scenario would be the typical configuration for the vast majority of people. The broadband router which is running a DHCP (dynamic host configuration protocol) service would automatically allocate each device that was connected a unique IP address along with a subnet mask, default router, a network address and a broadcast address. And you can connect to your router typically through a web interface and find out what IP addresses have been allocated.

Lets keep this very simple, what what way are your network cables connected ? and
1 On your windows PC what is the value for "IPv4 Address" ?
open a command terminal by pressing the windows key and r at the same time, then cmd.exe and hit the enter key and in the command terminal type "ipconfig" and hit enter.
2 On the Raspberry Pi what is your inet for eth0
Open a shell/xterm/terminal and type "/sbin/ifconfig -a" and hit enter.

Without knowing what your setup actually is no one can really help you.

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