Re: Spyverter R2 with USRP B210 #shortwave


Youssef tried to explain item 2 to you. If you get to this message without understanding then just consider it to be a side effect of the sufficiently advanced technology aka magic.

On 20190217 20:05:15, wrote:
Hi, and thanks for the response.
I do understand somewhat, but I tried to describe what I thought was unexpected activity:
1. DC to about 22MHz has lots of stations tunable.
2. And since the Airspy site for the Spyverter described only a positive image, I didn't expect any signals below 120MHz, i.e. I expected filtering of some sort, which you allude to, but I still have lots of stations.
3. Nothing is aligned to expected frequencies. Its nigh on impossible to tell what frequency I am tuned to, even if I were to configure an offset (120MHz?)
As an aside, I read about Ettus trying to charge you money to support their products - I'd have bailed on that idea too. I think they up to their necks in government money, and need little support from the hobbyist community, it would seem. But thanks for trying..

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