Spyverter R2 with USRP B210 #shortwave



I purchased a Spyverter R2, and connected it to my USRP B210.

I note from Airspy, "that moves the entire HF spectrum to the VHF band between 120 MHz and 180 MHz".

I am connected to a 30m 'long-wire', via a balun to FM bandstop, and then to the usrp.

Now, I'm not expecting any signals <120MHz... but I have LOTS of stations to listen to, and clearly right from the start of the band, you need only expand the screen to see them individually:

Then, where I'm expecting signals from 120MHz through 160MHz, I find discernible stations below 100MHz:

Not what I was expecting at all.

Furthermore, if DC to 60MHz, is shifted to 120 through 180MHz, then do I assume 121.350MHz should equal 1350kHz? and 140MHz should equal 20MHz in reality? Nothing is aligned with the global list of stations I have.

Spyverter is powered from USB port on laptop.

Would anybody be so kind as to offer some thoughts here?

Thanks and regards,


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