Re: Optimizing R2 for FM DX

Ian DXer

Paul> …is with Vasilis IF processor plugin, the asymmetric filtering is a real bonus and has made the difference between IDing something or not so many times I've lost count.

Same results here J

Also many months ago it dawned on me I could probably use the notch filter on a local/semi local FM BCB station that was just transmitting an unmodulated carrier to ‘uncover’ & hear the much weaker dx station on the same frequency. All I had to do was create a notch for the centre frequency & another two notches for each of the 19kHz pilot carrier sidebands.
Result was clear reception of the music station underneath.
Back in the ‘old-days’ I would’ve needed to use a phasing unit, attenuators/amplifier & two antennas to try and achieve the same result - in this example.

Paul> In some situations careful use of the notch filter allows you to pull RDS off a station that is buried under a stronger signal which is a useful tool.

That’s something I never thought of trying. I’ll give it a try next time an opportunity presents itself. Thanks Paul.

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