Re: Optimizing R2 for FM DX

Ian DXer

Thanks Pat & Youssef for feedback

Yssf> If there is enough demand, then maybe I can design a small program with all these automagic features. "DX+" looks like a good name ;-)

Well I’m definitely interested, so please add me to the list :-)

As an additional feature request for ‘DX+ or SDR#’; I’m very interested in the ‘Splatter Removal Tool’ (SRT) that Leif (SM5BSZ) describes on his Youtube channel here:

and longer 43min version here:

A simple(er) SRT GUI version for inclusion within “DX+” software that is easier for users to implement & use would be an amazingly useful FM DX tool for usage with the Airspy family of SDRs for Windows PCs.

I’m a little disappointed that there hasn’t been more interest in Leif’s ‘Splatter Removal Tool’ (SRT).
I suspect the problem is:-

1.    1. Lack of widespread publicity

2.    2. Some dxers have been slow to migrate from standalone receivers to the new SDR technologies & some may not have sufficient technical knowledge or confidence to attempt to install or use SRT/Linrad as described.

3.    3. Difficult concept for users to follow given Leif’s description on Youtube.

In regard to point 3, I think, if I was to promote & better describe what is occurring here I would initially produce a video using a combination of whiteboard instruction beginning with block diagrams & verbal instruction of setup & methodology & also what we are trying to achieve combined with nil-error concise video instruction of how to implement, along with existing examples etc.

I love watching the genius Leif at work with his videos & following his work via several mediums.
I’d really love to see his initial hard work with the Splatter Removal Technique developed further.


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