Re: Optimizing R2 for FM DX


On Fri, Feb 1, 2019 at 03:09 PM, Ian DXer wrote:
He provides some helpful hints on getting the best out of the HF+ for FM DX & makes some software development suggestions that Youssef & friends might care to consider in future. Konrad suggests further software development (SDR# or similar) might result in ever better performance on FM BCB with HF+.

Very nice review, indeed! The observations are consistent with what we know about both devices.

The main purpose of the HF+ project is to design an inexpensive *HF * receiver with the performance of the high-end segment. The good FM front end is literally a plus :-)

If there is enough demand, then maybe I can design a small program with all these automagic features. "DX+" looks like a good name ;-)

If there is even more demand, I can also design a tabletop receiver with audio output and all this automagic embedded into the DSP. Our friends at ST already developed these goodies for the rich cousins of the STA709 yet to be released. The silicon has the same front end, more processing power and a high quality DAC. Anyone?

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