Re: Optimizing R2 for FM DX

Ian DXer

Reading Paul's & Youssef's comments I was wondering how the HF+ would perform against the  XDR-F1HD as a FM DX receiver & had wondered if anyone had indeed performed a comparative test/review.
To my pleasant surprise a Google search resulted in this find (below); just published 2-3 days ago & makes for recommended reading.

I haven't (yet) watched the reviews videos, but it is evident from reading the review that Konrad is very familiar with both receivers & doesn't hold back on providing an extensive review from a FM DXers perspective. He provides some helpful hints on getting the best out of the HF+ for FM DX & makes some software development suggestions that Youssef & friends might care to consider in future. Konrad suggests further software development (SDR# or similar) might result in ever better performance on FM BCB with HF+.

Would welcome comments.

(HF+ owner)

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